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Parent/Child Music Classes 

     ♫ CLASS RULES      

* I am super lenient with my make up schedule, so if your little one is not feeling well please stay home and plan on coming to a different class when he/she is feeling better at ANY time during the semester! (Even if it is the questionable stuffy nose, it's best to stay at home).  I love you and your babies and want to keep everyone happy and healthy!  This includes being fever free for 24 hours.

* One of the greatest gifts from class is the relationships we make with other families and the social interaction. Please reserve EXCESSIVE socializing for before/after class. If you are talking above the activity being presented you are disrupting the learning process and ultimately hindering your child and other children's musical growth. When an adult is distracted by conversation this may lead to disruptive and negative behavior from the child. If you are truly engaged and participating in class your child(ren) will also be engaged and participating.

* Please no sippy cups, snacks, toys or cherished items in the classroom. It's always easier to leave them at home or in the car as other children may want to take them!

*Please NO RUNNING! If the child is running or showing disruptive behavior during an activity please redirect them. If the behavior continues it is okay to take them outside for a brief break, especially if they are having a frustrated moment. Most children will choose to change the behavior so they can return to the fun.

* Please do not allow the children to throw the instruments.  In most situations, it is an innocent act of cause and effect, but it could potentially hurt another so please discourage this behavior. If by any chance a child acts aggressively toward the instruments or another child please be on alert and discourage this action if necessary. 

* The CD is a free bonus gift so listen to it!  Please remember that our CD is not considered a curriculum, but it will have much significance to your little one when songs he/she recognizes come to life in the classroom!  You will both enjoy class so much more if you do play the music at home or in the car!

-Refunds are not available after the second week of class.
-There are no refunds for missed classes or gift certificates..
-Tuition is paid by cash, check or Venmo. Returned checks are subject to a $35 fee.